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European books available as eBooks on request and for a reasonable price

The vision

European libraries are hosting millions of books published from 1500 to 1900. Due to their age and value, they are often only accessible to users actually present at these libraries.

Thanks to the EOD service these hidden treasures are now becoming available to everybody - just a few mouse clicks away. Users can order eBooks via library catalogues; the libraries then digitise the requested item and send it to the user via the EOD service network. The books digitised in this way are incorporated into the repositories of the participating libraries and are thus be accessible online. As of 2009, these books can also be ordered as a reprint in the form of a "real" trade paper book in addition to the digital version.

eBooks on Demand for readers

EOD button: digital on request
Whenever you see a catalogue entry with these signs, you will be able to order this book as an EOD eBook!


eBooks on Demand in libraries

The EOD service was started within the framework of the project "Digitisation on Demand", co-funded by the eTEN programme. By 2008, a self-sustained network was established with 13 libraries as founding members. Since then, libraries from other countries have also been joining the network as so called “associated members” offering the EOD service, too.

From 2009 until 2013, EOD was co-financed by the EC under the Culture Programme. 20 libraries from 10 European countries took part in this follow-up project.

As of now, nearly 40 libraries from 12 European countries are taking part in the network! All European libraries are therefore encouraged to get in touch with the co-ordinator to also become an EOD library.

New developments

With the ongoing EODOPEN project (2019-2024 | EU Creative program), which builds upon the partnership and infrastructure of the EOD network, the project partners are taking a step further trying to tackle the challenge of digitizing and making available 20th and 21st century textual materials which have not yet been digitised due to the complex copyright situation.

The focus of EODOPEN lies on the direct engagement with local communities in the selection of textual materials, training library staff in dealing adequately with rights clearance questions and providing alternative delivery formats for users of mobile devices as well as for blind or visually impaired users. =>  More about EODOPEN

Read more about the network and service:
Gstrein, Silvia / Mühlberger, Günter (2011): "Producing eBooks on Demand - A European Library Network" In: Price, Kate / Havergal, Virginia: E-Books in Libraries, London: Facet Publishing: p. 37-52. =>  Download book chapter.