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For libraries: join the network

Do you want to add an exciting service to your portfolio and satisfy the needs of your users? Would you like to make the books from 1500 to 1900 available as eBooks, on the request of a user and for a moderate fee? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

  • The EOD service is designed so that it can be set up with minimum effort. A book scanner, an Internet connection and a dedicated scanning operator are sufficient.
  • The service builds upon the electronic library catalogue as the main channel for the user. Either on search pages, result pages or the records themselves a standard EOD button needs to be placed indicating: "This book can be ordered as an eBook".
    EOD button: digital on request
    Users are then able to click on this button and are linked to an EOD information page, where they can place an order.
  • The digitised books belong as a matter of course to you and you can integrate them into your digital library or repository. So, in addition to the eBook service you may continually increase your digital assets.
  • The EOD network also serves as an advisory group for efficient and cost effective methods of digitisation as far as guidelines, standards and effective workflows are concerned. You will benefit from all the routines and solutions found within the EOD network.
  • The EOD network provides you with a web based software which allows for order management, automated customer communication, eBook production, delivery and electronic accounting. See the libraries in the EOD network.

Contact the network co-ordinator for further details!

See also FAQ for libraries