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What is an EOD eBook?




An EOD eBook is a single full text pdf file of a public domain book digitised at the user’s request.
If applicable, the file contains the image of the scanned original book as well as the automatically recognised full text. Of course any marks, notations and other notes in the margins present in the original volume will also appear in this file.


See a sample EOD eBook

An EOD eBook enables you to

  • save on your travel costs and order online the book you need here and now, and have it sent to you in digital form
  • read the original book enjoying the original pages on your screen
  • build up your own collection. Take the book with you on your portable device and build up your personal digital library.
  • print single pages or the whole book as often as you want
  • enjoy the electronic full text, browse the book for individual words.
    Use the binocular symbol in the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) to search for a certain word. The finding is highlighted.
  • copy&paste the electronic full text or images into any other application software.
    For text, click on the “Select Tool” in the toolbar and select the text you want to copy within the PDF file. Then open your text processor and paste the copied text there using the Edit menu or a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+V) in order to paste the text into your document.

    If you want to copy and paste an image, use the “Snapshot Tool” from the toolbar menu and paste the picture into the designated programme.
  • use your day-to-day software, i.e. any PDF reader and enjoy browsing, zooming, printing, and many other standard features. There is no need to install other software.

Books published before 1800 may also be ordered with automatically recognised text, but the quality of the full text will not be the same.