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Vienna University Library

Image Vienna University Library

Founded in 1365, by Duke Rudolf, the Founder Vienna University Library is the oldest university library in the German-speaking world. Its history is closely connected with that of Vienna University.

The library’s mission, then and now, is to serve the needs of students, faculty and researchers at Vienna University as well as the general public. It is universal in character striving as far as possible for comprehensive collection development.

The library is strongly committed to the preservation and opening of its holdings and cultural heritage in the broadest sense, including the generation of databases and other electronic resources. Therefore, it seeks to co-operate and co-ordinate with other scientific libraries in Austria and Europe.

Catalogues with EOD button

u:search is Vienna University Library's new search engine. It connects the titles from the online catalogue with digital objects (full text articles, tables of content, etc.) and outputs search results sorted by relevance. Book cover pictures and icons for media types assist you in finding your way among the results. Numerous sorting and filtering options allow you make more precise search requests.
Austrian libraries union catalogue
The Austrian libraries union catalogue contains about 8 million titles of over 70 libraries. It focuses on literature published from 1980 onwards. However, thanks to (continuous) retro-conversion, the catalogue also contains quite many records from earlier books. The EOD button is shown at records for public domain books held by libraries of EOD members.
Vienna University Library Catalogue – nominal KatZoom up to 1931
This image catalogue contains all books up to 1931 in nominal order. Books that will be available for digitisation will be found here. Vienna University Library will only digitise books dated from before 1900 due to copyright regulations.


Other Catalogues

Vienna University Library Catalogue – nominal KatZoom 1932–88
This image catalogue contains all holdings from 1932 to 1988 in nominal order.