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EOD was presented to libraries across the world

From 10-15 August 2010 more than 4000 librarians took part in the World Library and Information Congress and 76th IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) General Conference and Assembly in Gothenburg, Sweden. EOD poster presentation arose interest in the service.

European libraries discuss e-collections in Bratislava

From the 5th to 7th May 2010, about 50 specialists of digitization and e-collections from European libraries meet in the University Library of Bratislava to discuss user-friendliness of joint services and availability of collections on the Internet.

Mehrsprachige Website online

Seit Beginn 2008 ist die mehrsprachige Version der Projekt-Website online. Sie erfahren nun in sieben europäischen Sprachen alles über den EOD-Service: Dänisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Estnisch, Ungarisch, Slowakisch und Slowenisch!


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