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European libraries discuss e-collections in Bratislava

From the 5th to 7th May 2010, about 50 specialists of digitization and e-collections from European libraries meet in the University Library of Bratislava to discuss user-friendliness of joint services and availability of collections on the Internet.

Mehrsprachige Website online

Seit Beginn 2008 ist die mehrsprachige Version der Projekt-Website online. Sie erfahren nun in sieben europäischen Sprachen alles über den EOD-Service: Dänisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Estnisch, Ungarisch, Slowakisch und Slowenisch!

EOD participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007

The EOD team participated at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. We made a lot of new contacts and had various interesting talks.

As a special book fair gift, a selection of eBooks has been compiled.


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