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International conference and hackdays on digital libraries and repositories

On October 18, 2013 the international conference and hackdays about digital libraries and repositories will take place under the aegis of the eBooks on Demand (EOD) network and hosted by the National Library of Technology in Prague.


The 4th EOD conference Digital libraries and repositorieshas a special focus on digital libraries and repositories within consortia, those of special documents (e.g. newspapers, maps and other) and on their technical aspects and workflows. The conference targets libraries, archives, museums and third parties, who could add value in the process of making the content of the collections available for the public.


Prior to the conference, on 17 October the EOD project and EOD network meetings will be held and are open to all interested in detail about the EOD service and network developments.


In parallel, 17-18 October the 3rd EOD hackdays welcome coders, hackers and creative minds to play with digital library related technologies. The participants may bring their own projects, start something new or create anything out of publicly available or specially offered APIs and datasets.


The participation in the conference, meetings or hackdays is free. However, the registration via the conference website is required:


The conference is organised by the coordinator of the EOD network, the University of Innsbruck Library, and the National Library of Technology in Prague. The event is co-financed by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


For more information, follow:

Conference website

Event page on facebook