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Umeå University Library

Umeå University was inaugurated in 1965, but actually already in 1951 Umeå was granted legal deposit, a copy of most of what is printed in Sweden. Today Umeå University Library is the largest academic research library in the north of Sweden. The rare book collection, books printed up till around 1850, consists of more than 50 000 books and other prints.
Digitization has for the past decade been a preferential activity and several successful projects have been launched. Umeå University Library is today one of Sweden’s main library operators in this field. Most of the books can be found through the library search tool, however many of the rare books and books acquired prior to 1975 are accessible only via card catalogues.

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LIBRIS is a national online search service and joint catalogue providing information on titles held by Swedish university and research libraries and is updated on a daily basis. It contains books, periodicals, articles, maps, posters, printed music, electronic resources, etc. For all titles from Umeå University Library printed before 1921, digitization with the eBooks on Demand service can be ordered directly via the LIBRIS catalogue.
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