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For libraries: provide the reprint service

In our user survey of 2007, we asked the customers how they made use of the eBooks ordered via EOD. More than 60% of the interviewees clearly stated that they printed out the entire book or at least part of it.

Thus, if you want to satisfy the users' needs, join the EOD network and provide further to digitization on demand also a print on demand service.

The University and Regional Library of Tyrol, coordinator of the EOD network, will take care of the image enhancement process as well as of the delivery and the overall management. The service is organised in a central way, so there is no additional work involved for the individual library.

The following formats are currently supported: books with 24 to 828 pages in case of black and white printing and 24 to 500 pages in case of color printing. Larger books may be delivered in separate volumes.

Print on demand of already digitised books, held in repositories, will be provided also in the near future.

Contact the network co-ordinator for further details!

See also FAQ for libraries