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European libraries discuss e-collections in Bratislava

From the 5th to 7th May 2010, about 50 specialists of digitization and e-collections from European libraries meet in the University Library of Bratislava to discuss user-friendliness of joint services and availability of collections on the Internet.

The meetings concern three projects that are co-financed by the European Commission.

eBooks on Demand (EOD) network consists of 25 libraries from 12 European countries who enable the request of digitisation books in their collections published between 1500-1900. The project aims to support the intercultural dialogue among the readers and the users of historical books by making books easily accessible.

EuropeanaTravel has 19 partners who aim to digitize the content on travel and tourism and make it accessible via Europeana portal. Europeana provides integrated access to digital treasures from museums, archives, audio-visual archives and libraries of Europe.

IMPACT brings together 26 national and regional libraries, research institutions and commercial suppliers from 13 countries. It aims to significantly improve access to historical texts and to take away the barriers that stand in the way of the mass digitization of the European cultural heritage.

The University Library of Bratislava is a member of EOD consortium since 2008. E-books have been delivered to the broad public and a special service for visually impaired has been provided.

Additional information:
Alojz Androvič, Director of the University Library of Bratislava, tel. 02 / 59 804 221,

For further information:
eBooks on Demand (EOD)

Õnne Mets, Activity leader of the EOD dissemination, National Library of Estonia,
+372 5680 7260