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University Library of the Medical University of Vienna

The University Library of the Medical University of Vienna is the biggest medical library in Austria, with a stock of more than 803.000 volumes, including more than 3.500 dissertations and over 14.000 textbooks.
The biggest part of the stock is kept in the Main Library, situated in the Vienna General Hospital. Further collections can be found in the branch libraries for Dentistry and History of Medicine. The range of modern research literature aviable in the library consists, besides all major bibliographic databases, of aprox. 8.600 print journals as well as 2.950 e-journals. Besides that, the Library also offers over 12.700 digital media which register more than 600.000 accesses per annum.

Among the peculiarities of the library are the historical stocks dating to the time of the “Viennese Medical Schools”, which are kept in the branch library for History of Medicine.