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Long-term Preservation in the Focus of the eBooks on Demand Network Meeting

4-5 May, 2017 the eBooks on Demand (EOD) Library Network holds its annual meeting at the University Library of Bratislava in Slovakia. Long-term preservation is in the spotlight, future developments will also be discussed.

Since the EOD service was launched in 2006 the EOD libraries have delivered on request about 20 000 books to nearly 10 000 customers. “This means some 3.2 million pages have been digitised so far, and therefore the issue of long-term preservation is an absolute hot topic for every library offering their holdings through EOD,” says Silvia Gstrein, the coordinator of the EOD Network. Practices in regards to long-term preservation of the Slovak Central Data Archive, the Czech National Library, and the Bavarian Library Network will be presented.

Other topics in the agenda include the changes in EU data protection policy concerning personal data embedded in the digitised newspapers (Jerker Ryden, National Library of Sweden); social tagging in catalogues and Flickr (Õnne Mets, University of Milano-Bicocca); metadata production and archiving system ProArc (Martin Lhotak, Czech Academy of Sciences Library); strategic directions of the EOD Network.

The EOD Library Network currently comprises 38 libraries from 12 European countries, who digitise public domain literature from cover to cover on request, using state-of-the-art system for customer communication and accounting, and running a consortial search engine.