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EOD Network will discuss the future fields of activity

From 28-29 April 2016 the EOD network of 37 libraries across Europe will meet in Swiss National Library in Bern.

The annual meeting of the EOD network is expected to be forward-looking. EOD digitization service is evolving according to the changing needs of its users and demand for more literature being accessible. The partners will discuss and share experiences about digitizing out of commerce books, integrating EOD service with other systems and services, and about long-term preservation.

The coordinator of the EOD network, the University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University Innsbruck) will provide updates on the service and the network, on the EOD system developments and print-on-demand service. In collaboration with the National Library of Estonia also a dissemination workshop will be held.

The meeting is organized by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University Innsbruck), and hosted by the Swiss National Library.

The EOD service was launched by 13 libraries in 8 European countries in 2006. The network remains open to institutions interested in digitizing and making available public domain books on the request of an international community of users.

Photo credit: Clio Turbata