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The eBooks on Demand network extended to Sweden

The eBooks on Demand service is now offered in 26 libraries in 12 countries. The newest member of the network is Umeå University Library from Sweden.

The eBooks on Demand (EOD) service enables the readers to request the digitisation of books published in 1500-1900 from the online catalogues of the libraries participating in the EOD network. The network is open to new members in and outside of Europe.

“This is an excellent service for our university library and the application is really solid. It will mean a lot to both scholars and other users and also make collections more accessible”, says professor Kjell Jonsson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Umeå Univerisity. “We hope that our involvement will inspire more libraries in the Nordic region" adds Mats Danielsson, Head of Research Archives, Umeå University Library.

Silvia Gstrein, EOD Project Coordinator continues: “The simplicity of the EOD service both for libraries and users makes EOD attractive. It is also significant that libraries give full public access to the digital copies after the books have been digitised”.

The development of the EOD service is co-financed by the European Commission Culture Programme. The project aims to support the intercultural dialogue among the readers and the users of historical books by making books easily accessible.

The EOD service was originally started by 13 European libraries from 8 countries in October 2006. During the last 3 years the network libraries have delivered all in all approximately 4000 EOD eBooks.

Additional information:
Silvia Gstrein, Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation, University of Innsbruck, Library, tel.: ++43-(0)512-507-8451, fax: ++43-(0)512-507-949 08451, e-mail:;

Õnne Mets, Activity leader of EOD dissemination (National Library of Estonia), +372 5680 7260