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Academic health library (Paris)

Image Academic health library (Paris)

Founded in 1795, the library holds a collection of old and rare books, dating back to the Middle Ages: 400 000 books, 24 000 journals, 1 000 manuscripts, 500 000 medical dissertations.

The library also runs a digitization program (Medic@) in the history of medicine and dentistry, that includes several series: Corpus of ancient physicians (Hippocrates, Galen, et al.), Medical Dictionaries and Journals, Diseases, Medical Specialties, Physicians and Scholars, Varia (surgical instruments catalogues, 19th century dissertations, etc.) (4 M pages as of February 2017).

The historical portal includes an image databank (130 000 images), several virtual exhibitions (Monsters from the Renaissance up to the Classical Ages…), 10 web sites of French learned societies.

Services: online ask a librarian service; reference assistance in person, by phone, mail, fax, and e-mail; in-house photocopying allowed depending upon the document; photocopies, photographs, and digitized reproductions for interlibrary loan purposes.

As a research library, BIUS provides academic patrons and health professionals with many tools and services: major databases and electronic journals, medical information training sessions, document supply and interlibrary loan, etc.

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BIU Santé General catalogue
BIU Santé's holdings: history of medicine department: 1.000 manuscripts, 340.000 books published from 1477 up to 1952, 23.000 journals, all French medical and dental dissertations.
BIU Santé old and rare books catalogue (1395-1952)
Sudoc (Système universitaire de Documentation) is the French national academic union-catalogue. It includes more than 10 M bibliographic records, 35 M locations of items and manages all types of documents (monographs, journals, dissertations, e-ressources, AV materials...). All academic libraries participate to Sudoc. In addition, 2 000 non-academic institutions take part to Sudoc, mainly to mention their journals' collections. Sudoc is produced par Abes (Agence bibliographique de l'enseignement supérieur) who provides additional services (interlibrary loan, expertise, e-ressources negociations, etc.).


BIU Santé Digital library
BIUS image database

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