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Salzburg University Library

The University Library of Salzburg is the largest scientific and public library in Salzburg. It is part of the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg and consists of the main library, two faculty libraries and several branch libraries.

Simultaneously with the foundation of the University of Salzburg in 1623, a library was established which was situated in the old university. In the late 18th century the library moved to its current location. In 1704 a handwritten card catalogue was initiated, containing the titles of a considerable library of theological, philosophical and law books. In the beginning of the 19th century, after the abolishment of the ecclesiastical principality of Salzburg, parts of the Court Library of the Archbishop and, owing to the abolishment of monasteries, several monastic libraries were incorporated into the University Library. After the abolishment of the Benedictine University in 181O the development of the library came to an end, leading from now on a meagre life well into the 20th century as a lyceum and county library. With the reestablishment of the University of Salzburg in 1962 the University Library started to expand and develop to become the modern information and service centre it represents today.