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A network of 50 libraries in France started to offer the eBooks on Demand (EOD) service

Toulouse and Midi-Pyrénées Universities Libraries Network is opening up the public domain collections of fifty libraries for digitisation-on-demand via EOD service.

Offerta di Natale per la digitalizzazione da parte di 12 biblioteche di tutt'Europa

Dal 5 al 18 dicembre 2016 12 biblioteche appartenenti alla rete eBooks on Demand (EOD) offrono EOD e-books a metà prezzo. Le collezioni di dominio pubblico pronte per la digitalizzazione si avvalgono di ca 1.8 mio di documenti. 

eBooks on Demand service remains self-sustaining and seeks for further fields of activity

The EOD network of 37 European libraries held a meeting from 28-29 April 2016 at the Swiss National Library, discussing ideas and experiences to widen the array of EOD services. During the last years the EOD service proofed to be a stable running service at the EOD partner libraries.


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