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Christmas offer for digitization by 12 libraries across Europe

From 5-18 December, 2016 12 eBooks on Demand (EOD) Network libraries offer EOD e-books for half the price. The collections of public domain books offered for digitization count up to 1,8 million items.


The books on offer can be found on this page of the EOD search engine. The order can be placed right from the book record by clicking “Digital on request” button.

Promotion code “Xmas 2016” has to be mentioned in the remarks field of the order. The discount is applied for up to 200 pages and with a minimum price of 10 euros per book*. The final price will be sent for confirmation after submitting the order.

The following libraries take part in this special Christmas offer:
University and Regional Library Tyrol, Vienna University Library (Austria), University Library of Regensburg, Saxon State and University Library (Germany), Swiss National Library, University Library Bern (Switzerland), Library Service of the University of Strasbourg (France), Research Library Olomouc (Czech Republic), National Library of Slovenia, University Library Bratislava (Slovakia), National Library of Sweden, and National Library of Estonia.


The participating libraries reserve the right for exceptions in special cases. See the Terms & Conditions after clicking the “digital on request” button in the record of the desired book. The campaign is organized by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University of Innsbruck) and National Library of Estonia.

* Variations:

  • The Swiss National Library: basic fee CHF 5 + CHF 0,15 per page; minimum basic and page price CHF 10.
  • Bern University Library: basic fee CHF 4 plus CHF 0,20 per page; TIFF files: basic fee CHF 4 plus CHF 2,50 per image.
  • National Library of Sweden: basic fee 50 SEK + 1,50 SEK per page; minimum price 100 SEK; no page limit.
  • Olomouc: basic fee 100 CZK + 2,50 CZK per page; no page or minimum price limits.
  • Library Service of the University of Strasbourg: no minimum price limit and the offer is valid until 5 January 2017.

Start the New Year with splendid literature!