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A network of 50 libraries in France started to offer the eBooks on Demand (EOD) service

Toulouse and Midi-Pyrénées Universities Libraries Network is opening up the public domain collections of fifty libraries for digitisation-on-demand via EOD service.

Christmas offer for digitization by 12 libraries across Europe

From 5-18 December, 2016 12 eBooks on Demand (EOD) Network libraries offer EOD e-books for half the price. The collections of public domain books offered for digitization count up to 1,8 million items.

Give old books a new life… on occasion of the 700th anniversary of Charles IV's birthday for 10 EUR

On occasion of the 700th anniversary of Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV's birthday, National Library of Technology, in cooperation with University Library of Regensburg and Library of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic offer you a chance to digitize a book via the EOD service for just 10 EUR.


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