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The eBooks on Demand (EOD) Library Network Expands to the North

The Library of UiT The Arctic University of Norway is the first institution in Norway to offer the EOD digitisation service.

The Library offers nearly 40,000 copyright-free books for digitisation upon request. The majority of the old book collections of UiT is dedicated to the Far North and includes the collections of the College of Education of Trondenes (Tromsø), the Museum of Tromsø, and the Northern Lights Observatory of Alta (Tromsø).

Via the Library’s catalogue Oria and the common EOD search engine of the EOD network everyone can browse the collections of UiT and place digitisation orders.

"We are delighted to open up the public domain literature of the Arctic University to everyone interested in the EOD service," said Silvia Gstrein, the coordinator of the EOD network from the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Now 38 libraries from 13 European countries offer the EOD digitisation service to request digitisation of public domain books via the state-of-the-art information system.

Photo: The Tromsø University Museum by Ingvild Helene Torheim Isaksen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.