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Early printed books from the Uppsala University Library became available via EOD

The Uppsala University Library from Sweden joined the eBooks on Demand (EOD) Network and started to offer the books until 1851 from their collections for digitisation on demand. The EOD eBooks can now be ordered from 37 libraries across Europe.

 The Uppsala University Library has rich collections of early printed books, also from an international perspective. The collections include about 2500 incunables and important collections of early Swedish and foreign books, with both Swedish and foreign provenance.

The items of the Library, which are offered for digitisation via the EOD service can be found from the Uppsala University Catalogue DISA at

Now there are three libraries from Sweden in the EOD Network, including National Library of Sweden and Umeå University Library.

Altogether the EOD service is provided by 37 academic and national libraries in 12 countries, coordinated by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University of Innsbruck). The EOD service was launched by 13 libraries in 8 European countries in 2006, and given added value by 20 partners within the recently concluded EOD project (May 2009 - April 2014).

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Photo by Magnus Hjalmarsson, Uppsala University Library.