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Thousands of Works Newly Released from Copyright are available for Digitisation at a Special Price

Nine EOD libraries digitise on request the works released from copyright restrictions in the last 10 years for a special price: 10 euros* per book until the end of January 2018.

  • Go to our special page on the EOD Search website, search or browse the authors and titles
  • Click on the title in you are interested in
  • Click on the "EOD – digital on request" button and you will be guided through the ordering process
  • Enter the promotional code "public2018" in the remarks of the order
  • The final price will be sent to your e-mail for confirmation.

*If the book has more than 200 pages, the regular price applies from page 201 onwards.

The following libraries take part in this campaign:
University and Regional Library of Tyrol, University Library of Vienna and Vienna City Library in Austria; University Library of Regensburg and Library of Humboldt Universität in Germany; National Library of Technology in Czech Republic, National Library of Slovenia, National Library of Estonia, and Swiss National Library.

The participating libraries reserve the right for exceptions in special cases. See the Terms & Conditions after clicking the “Digital on request” button in the record of the desired book. The campaign is organised by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University of Innsbruck).

The libraries offer this special campaign to celebrate International Public Domain Day, which is held on 1st of January every year to mark the expiry of copyright of published works. Usually copyright expires and works are considered as public domain after 70 years of the author's date of death. In 2018 many famous figures become public domain, including engineer Henry Ford, physicist Max Planck, writers Hans Fallada and Rosa Mayreder.

Request digitisation and unlock the cultural heritage!