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EOD: Payment and delivery

EOD e-books

  • The requested title is scanned and (if possible) automatic character recognition is performed. You will receive a file in PDF format. With it you can read the e-book on your screen, zoom in on the image or navigate through the text.

  • Print out individual pages or the whole e-book.

  • Search the whole e-book for individual terms.

  • Copy images and text excerpts to other applications (e.g. word processing programmes).

Price PDF (e-book): CHF 8 plus CHF 0.40 / page up to format A3
Larger than format A3 (up to A0): CHF 8 plus CHF 3 / page

Additional delivery as high-resolution images (TIFF)

  • You can use TIFF files as a print layout or, thanks to their high resolution (generally 300 dpi), zoom in on and recognize details.

Prices TIFF (up to A0): CHF 8 plus CHF 5 / page

Further information concerning your order

  • By placing an order for a digital copy you accept the general business terms and conditions.

  • Please note that the price calculated on the order form is often inexact. You will receive a cost estimate with the exact price in any case.

  • We point out that the automatic character recognition (OCR) does not yield completely correct results, and that inaccuracies can occur in particular with older books.

  • When you place an order for TIFFs you will also receive the same digital copy in PDF format without extra charge.

  • Copyright-free works or works for which we receive a declaration of consent from the author or publisher will be copied by us to the digital library e-rara or e-manuscripta respectively, and will thereby be available not only worldwide but on a long-term basis.

Payment options

Benefit from the diverse possibilities of online payment:

  • Direct payment by all leading credit cards providers (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club), Maestro or Paypal.


Delivery time: We endeavour to digitalize and supply the book within 14 days. However, the prerequisite for this is the physical availability of the book in the library. Existing digital copies can be supplied within a week. For longer delivery dates, we will notify you immediately.  
Delivery options: Generally, our digital copy is available to you for download immediately after payment per Internet. This link remains in place for two months. In this way you can work with the digital copy immediately.  

However, you can also choose shipping via data medium (CD-ROM or DVD depending on the file size) for an additional charge:

  • Europe: CHF 9.00

  • Worldwide: CHF 12.00

Right of return

Returning the digital copy is, unfortunately, not possible as the nature of the product is unsuitable for this.

EOD reprints
  • In addition to the digital form, the book desired will be printed as a standard paperback and sent to you.

  • Furthermore, the files scanned will be especially prepared by a service provider as “print on demand” in a standard format and, as a rule, printed in black and white.

  • The offer is valid only for complete print layouts (at least 24 pages); manuscripts and maps cannot be ordered as reprints.

Price: The price is  (in addition to the price for the e-book) comprised of the reprint price and the reprint delivery price.

  • Reprint price: CHF 9.00 plus CHF 0.03 / page

  • Reprint delivery price:

    • A: CHF 0.00

    • Europe: CHF 10.00

    • Worldwide: CHF 15.00

Delivery time for the reprint: 7-14 days after payment.

The EOD reprint service is non-exclusive. Following the first order, the reprint is made available worldwide via Amazon or other Internet service providers.