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Research Library Olomouc

The Research Library Olomouc is the third biggest Czech library with legal deposit right since 1807. It offers more than 1.8 mil. of items, including large historical collections.
The library has enjoyed the so-called “mandatory copy right” (the legal right to an automatic free copy of all Czech books and periodicals - newspapers and magazines for the library collection – with various changes, since as far back as 1807). The library provides library and information services for more than 13 000 registered readers and others services in the field of interlibrary and international interlibrary services. The services of the Research Library in Olomouc can be enjoyed by any Czech citizen, 15 years of age, and possessing a citizen's ID card. Foreigners require a valid passport or residency card. The historical collection contains 1,450 manuscripts, over 1,800 incunabula, and nearly 80,000 volumes of old publications.

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