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Moravian Library in Brno

Moravian Library in Brno is the traditional university and regional library in Moravia, founded in 1808. With its 3.7 million volumes it is the second largest library in Czech Republic second only to the National Library in Prague. It has a legal deposit library status since 1935. Moravian Library in Brno specializes in social sciences, medicine and technical literature. It also has valuable historical collections including 384 incunabula, about 800 manuscripts and 60,000 old prints.

The annual acquisition is about 40,000 volumes. The library staff of 157 is serving 29,000 registered users (about 60% of them students) that make some 1,500 visitors per day lending 565,000 items per year. Moravian Library in Brno is also important regional library, covering the book and periodicals production in the region of Southern Moravia. It has also strong ties with district and municipal libraries in the region. The Library also publishes special bibliographies and other publications.

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Moravian Library OPAC
Books from the MZK Historical Collections are offered for EOD service.
Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Central Library
The Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Central Library provides its public domain books for digitisation at Moravian Library.


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