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René Schneider

RODIN - a System for the Simultaneous Exploration of Digital Library Resources and Linked Open Data Ontologies

Speaker: René Schneider, Haute Ecole de gestion - Dép. Information documentaire

What will future library systems look like? Will they be modeled as indexed search engines, harversters or differently? And, what is the role that librarians will play?
RODIN is a system that tries to give answers to these questions. It combines a lightweight widget aggregation approach for heterogeneous web resources with large-weight linked open data ontologies. The system allows the user to search simultaneously in these very different information resources and refine reciprocally, i.e. from search results in ontologies and vice versa.
The talk will also describe the intermediary role that librarians play throughout the whole process of creating and managing digital libraries that are connected to the Semantic Web.