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Berthold Gillitzer

New Wine into Old Wineskins or why Aristotle had the knowledge that Google is selling now

Speaker: Berthold Gillitzer - Bavarian State Library

Inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee had, already, with the start of the Web, the vision that data within the web should have meaning not only for persons who can read and understand web pages but also for computers that can do some of the work for people. There are many varieties connected with this vision beginning with search engines that really know what you mean when are searching - discerning, for example, "golf" as sport from "golf" as a car - up to software agents who do intelligent work for you such as booking a hotel when you are on business travel and coordinating this with your flight.
But how is it possible to give such meaning to our data in the web and why should libraries be concerned with that? The paper tries to present some considerations about basic concepts and perspectives for libraries.