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Euroopa raamatukogude spetsialistid arutlesid Bratislavas e-kogude üle

5.-7. mail 2010 kohtusid 50 Euroopa raamatukogude digiteerimise ja e-kogude spetsialisti Bratislava Ülikooli raamatukogus, et arutada e-kogude kasutajasõbralikkust ja kättesaadavust.

Multilingual website online

Since the beginning of 2008, also a multilingual version of the website is online. You can now read everything about the EOD service in 7 different European languages: Danish, German, English, Estonian, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian!

EOD participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007

The EOD team participated at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. We made a lot of new contacts and had various interesting talks.


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