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Payment & delivery

EOD eBooks

Your requested eBook is scanned and digitised from cover to cover. You will then receive your digital book in a single PDF file.

  • Use your standard software (Adobe Acrobat Reader), to read the eBook on-screen, zoom in to the image or navigate through the book.
  • Print single pages or the entire book.
  • Use the full text search of individual terms.
  • Copy the images and parts of the text to other applications (e.g. word processors).
  • In addition, when possible, you may get the automatically recognised text in a separate text file which you will be able to edit in any standard word processor.

Price: CHF 10 plus CHF 0,20 / page

Additional information regarding your order

  • We wish to point out that automatic text recognition (OCR) does not fully provide perfect results and inaccuracies can occur especially with older books.
  • By ordering you accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Public domain books or books for which we receive a declaration of consent from the author or publishing houses are imported by us into the digital library of the Library Am Guisanplatz and are thus globally available and also preserved for the long term.

Payment options

Different online payment options are available:

  • Direct payment by all leading credit cards providers (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club), Maestro and Paypal.


Delivery schedule: We try to digitise and deliver the book within 10 days. This, however, requires that the book be in the library. If the delivery time will be longer than this, we will inform you immediately.  
Delivery options: Normally, our eBook will be available to you to download via the Internet immediately after payment. This link exists for two months. Thus you can immediately work with your eBook.  

You can also choose delivery on a data carrier (CD-ROM or DVD, depending on the size of the file), subject to a surcharge:

  • Europe: CHF 9
  • Worldwide: CHF 12

Sale or return

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return an eBooks , as the nature of the product precludes this.