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banner - EOD conference 2014 - Innsbruck - 10 + 11 April 2014

Sustaining the networked future: use and reuse of digital content

The conference "Sustaining the networked future: use and reuse of digital content" was taking place on April 11 2014 and tried to shed light on challenges and chances of the networked future, which is closely linked to the future of the digital materials made available in the last years. Libraries as stable and trusted institutions must be aware of the fact that digital content and services providing digital materials need ongoing attention and resources to keep delivering value to the user. “Sustainability” covers an area well beyond preservation of content, data and metadata. How can digital materials made be visible, stay visible, be linked and endure?

In addition, the annual EOD network meeting was held on April 10.

The conference was organised by the coordinator of the EOD network, University and Regional Library of Tyrol (University of Innsbruck), together with the members of the EOD network. More about EOD

We would like to thank everyone involved for the sucess of the conference! The presentations can be accessed on the program page.